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New version is ready for DOCSIS 3.0

Any question ? Please, send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , what you need from this application.


  • Support NetFlow on uBR10k (You have to config SSH to CMTS - user and password - session) - double click on ip CPE
  • Support CISCO uBR10012
  • Support DOCSIS 3.0
  • Defined format MAC Address CPE
  • Export parameters to html file
  • New parameters CM  from CMTS
  • New CM log window.
  • Software upgrade state.
  • You can query cable modem enter IP or MAC address  (You have to access to cmts via snmp)
  • You can show and set Location and Name fields
  • Show downstream channel and mapped to this channel name of line card (You have to access to cmts via snmp)
  • Show FEC [%] correctable and uncorrectable in downstream
  • Show FEC [%] correctable and uncorrectable in upstream  (You have to access to cmts via snmp)
  • Show Rx power in upstream  (You have to access to cmts via snmp)
  • Show SN in upstream  (You have to access to cmts via snmp)
  • Microreflection in downstream
  • Now work in Wine environment on Linux systems.
  • New SNMP templates for Arris and Motorola modems loaded from *.snm files, access in menu "File - Load SNMP templates".
  • New pascal code templates.
  • New mta and wifi modems support.
  • New mru ip modems list.
  • Some change in graph window. Now graph is drawing in time scale.
  • You can set max and min RF parameters in Config window and view it in main window in deferent colors.
  • Remove some bugs from graphs windows.
  • New windows with RF parameters and traffic on interfaces. You can view it on chart.
  • New window with ping and jitter parameters. You can view it on chart.
  • New fields in main window: now shows traffic in kb/s of downstream and upstream interfaces.
  • New visual SNMP html component. Now you can show coding result from snmp get command in html.
  • Extend of script editor. You can open and save script in template file.
  • New universal objects in scripts: "_Value" - any string value returned by SNMP GET function, "_SnmpHtml" - object represent SNMP html component with html property, "_SnmpLabel" - object represent TLabel object, "_SnmpMemo" - object represent TMemo object. All objects you can use in pascal scripts .
  • New cpe window - press F11 to open window.
  • Formating output of read parameters.
  • Scripting engine for read parameters.
  • Enhanced parameters for MTA Arris modems.
  • You can save modem parameters to file.
  • Enhanced parameters and log entry for Arris modems.
  • CPE MAC connected to cable modem.
  • Firmware upgrading in background.
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