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NetMap4Nagios (version 1.0.63)


Create your own network diagram. This is also front-end and/or web interface for Nagios system and ... much, much more.

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A new software for creating a network maps and visualizationfor for Nagios monitoring system.

- Editor for creating maps and diagrams.
- Visualization state of host and services.
- SNMP client.
- Working with PNP4Nagios and other Nagios compatible software.
- Importing hosts from Nagios.
- Importing hostgroups from Nagios.
- Importing servicegroups from Nagios.
- Create maps from imported objects Nagios.

NetMap4Nagios is front-end for system Nagios. It is easy to use.You can create customer map of network, monitor alarms.

Aftrer installation, from menu->file->import hostgrou simply import hostgroup from Nagios sytem.

You can create tree node and net map automatically.

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Map/Diagram editor has been based on mxGraph and is very friendly (like Visio).

You can use copy/cut/past/undo/zoom functions (ctrl+c,ctrl+v,ctrl+x,ctrl+z).